who are we

Who we are:

The Investor Guide platform is a third party between the buyer and the seller that facilitates the purchase / sale for a fee or commission. It works to connect the two parties and complete a certain transaction, as well as providing marketing solutions on the internet, as well as managing projects with a highly qualified specialized staff. It aims to provide general information about the countries and cities to be invested in through the directory in the platform, as well as the financing and facilities provided by companies or banks in each country, and the services provided by the platform to companies and offices from classified ads and internet marketing, and paid services that include a large number of professionals and specialists in all fields to help the investor achieve his goal as quickly as possible, and job seekers can find them in more than 10 thousand different companies in all fields through our communication with them. It also has all the E-Marketing



The Investor Guide platform guarantees you to find real opportunities and successful marketing campaigns, as these campaigns are carried out by fully studying the type of investment, studying competitors and user behavior, while choosing the right time and place to target. We have a specialized team with the highest degree of efficiency and professionalism in each of our services, in order to provide the service to the fullest and in the fastest time.

In light of the current labor market, in which thousands of platforms compete to attract and retain investors, we, the investor guide who wants to excel, must work to adopt policies and methods that are mainly based on the investor and gain his satisfaction, providing outstanding customer service is the only criterion that distinguishes us from others.


:Our vision

When it comes to being a trading and investment brokerage platform, the Investor Guide will be your first choice .we start our journey with you by understanding the needs of the market, customers and target investors to help you develop your brand and achieve your goals.

By creating real and solid opportunities that contribute to serving investors and capital holders, as well as we contribute to the marketing services sector within our electronic platform.


:Our mission

We provide investment advisory services in a professional manner that exceeds the expectations of our clients and build long-term relationships with them, and we have the best and highest quality services and marketing ideas that serve all segments of societ. 


:Our goal 

The Investor Guide platform aims to find live investment opportunities according to the investor's needs and vision, as well as offering the best marketing solutions that help him achieve his goals, and the platform also aims to employ a large number of job seekers.


:Our mission

The investor directory platform supports its clients in the Arab world region in achieving the spread through various digital marketing platforms and building an integrated community for them via the internet, which guarantees them to achieve profitability effectively by providing a variety of marketing services and finding real opportunities for investors – in addition to providing various services that help companies build their own brand, which puts our clients at the forefront with a team equipped with integrated  experiences of analysis, planning and follow-up. 


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