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1- The manual:

This section contains the most important information and images that the investor needs about the country to which he will travel from cities, administrative divisions, governorates, as well as tourist and investment zones, free zones, climate and geography .Because the investor directory platform is interested in improving the investment environment with new creative ideas outside of the traditional , developing these ideas and exploiting them in various investment sectors in all fields, you can find in the directory the section of local institutions and companies in the local market and the characteristics that characterize them and the knowledge of their services and to take advantage of the data for each institution and communicate with them with ease.there is also a section of government institutions affiliated with the state, either profitable investment or charitable investment or ministries and public bodies, which serve the community and investors alike. Also in the guide there is a section of laws and regulations for each country so that the investor is familiar with the laws of the country in all areas,

* Let your opportunity be in our Investor Guide platform to make it easier for you to search for everything you want and let your guide be success *




2- Financing:

Finance is one of the most important aspects of business management.

The Investor Guide platform worked on this field.

Financing means identifying the needs of individuals, investors, organizations and   companies for monetary resources and determining ways to collect and use them, taking into account the risks associated with their projects.

We are in the investor directory platform. We have facilitated the search effort and access to all companies, banks and banks located in the Arab countries, as the platform provides the names of finance companies, banks and banks so that it makes it easier for investors and individuals to know the name of the financing company they need, whether it is for financing real estate or cars. Or marriage, where the investor directory platform worked to collect information about them, their services, location and features that they provide, communicate with them and inquire easily.

"The Investor Guide makes it easier for you to access the financing you want "






Since projects have become the main engine of the development wheel in any country, and they are the basis in the trade balance, and that is why the Investor Guide platform has worked to provide live, real, advanced and successful projects to investors

This section includes many sections of projects that are of interest to the investor in all magazines, such as industrial projects, commercial projects, real estate projects, tourism projects, agricultural projects, as well as tenders and opportunities that save the investor a lot of time and effort.





4- all projects:

This section contains all the projects that have been entered through our registrants in the platform and in all the sections in the platform and displayed on one page so that the project is easily accessed and see all its data .you can also chat with the advertised project owner and take more details about the project. you can also add any project to your favorites.





5- service department:

In this section, the investor directory platform provides services and classified ads for companies and offices in the country, where it serves all investors by viewing the information of companies or the office and communicating with them directly.


Among the services that are available on the platform is recruitment, which brings together a large number of recruitment offices located in the country that were selected by the user, as well as marketing services that the investor can communicate with more than one company specialized in this field .One of the most important services that distinguish the investor directory platform is real estate services, as it includes important real estate offices and companies in the country, as well as Travel, Tourism and public services.





6- sales form :

If you would like the platform to sell your project, you only need to fill out the sales form in the platform and this form is considered an integrated file about the project





7- recruitment department:

Since the difference between reality and a dream is (action)

In this Section, people who have been registered in the investor directory platform can apply for vacancies at the request of investors and companies in the country by registering their name and specialization, attaching a resume and then sending it, after which the work team, after reviewing the resume, contacts investors or companies to  find the right job according to the required specialization.

The Investor Guide makes it easy for you to access your world

 It guarantees you comfort in dealing with it, safety and credibility without any risks

Investor's guide.... Your guide to a better world

Invest under one umbrella





8- paid services section

To attract the wonderful you must be wonderful, to attract the strong you must be strong, and to attract the faithful you must be sincere

To attract money, you are in the right place via the Investor Guide platform. After registering on the platform, you can access paid services that include a planet of engineers, artists, translators, lawyers, designers, marketers, accountants and economists and take advantage of their services provided through our platform, after requesting the service and direct payment, then you will be contacted in a short period and the platform is professionally equipped at work and At Reasonable Prices




9- Chat and search 

Chat: there is also an independent chat on the investor directory platform, the person registered on the platform can talk to the entrepreneurs directly, and you can also chat between the site and the application and vice versa.

As for the search, in the search box on the platform, you can easily search for any project or department and view it as soon as possible

Notices and alerts: In this section, we, as the investor guide platform, send slogans of the most important opportunities and investments announced.





10- Announcements :


The investor is an advertising platform with many banners, posters and advertising spaces for companies, institutions and individuals .These ads are considered a paid service

In this section there are emails, numbers and links of the agent of each country, anyone cancommunicate with us or send us feedback by filling in the data in the section and then sending it to us and in a short period our team is responding to your feedback and answering all your inquiries.




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